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"Micah collected more and more little pumpkins—some with smooth skins, some with ridges, and even a lumpy one that was flat on one side. But not one was big enough to be his perfect Sukkot pumpkin."

Micah volunteers at a farm collecting pumpkins to donate to a soup kitchen. For his efforts he's allowed to keep one pumpkin for himself. Which one should he choose? The biggest? The sweetest? The most perfect decoration for his Sukkah?

A picture book for children ages 2-8

Illustrated by Colleen Madden

Published by Kar Ben, 2017

"Thesaurus Rex likes to play

Frollic, rollic, frisk, and romp.

Wow! He's found a muddy swamp."


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Come meet Thesaurus Rex, a playful young dinosaur who has a way with words. Children will delight in following the adventurous character as he bounces, jumps, springs and flies through the colorful pages, all the while introducing them to the wide world of synonyms.

A picture book for children ages 2-8

Illustrated by Debbie Harter

Published by Barefoot Books, 2003

A Texas Library Association 2x2 selection, 2004

A Junior Library Guild selection, 2003

Houghton Mifflin Educational Series Big Book

Pennsylvania School Librarians Reader's Choice Awards nominee

"The grass is a bed for a deer.

A forest is a family for a tree.

The wind is a wing for a seed.

A meadow is a feast for a bee."

With eyes wide open to the mysteries of nature, a child on a hike discovers that "a leaf is a boat for a beetle" and that "a nest is a cradle for eggs." Tired from her long walk, she sleeps—and in her dream she flies like a bird and marvels at the beauty around her. This planet, that is home to so many creatures, is magical when seen through the eyes of wonder.

A picture book for children ages 3-8

Illustrated by Cris Arbo

Published by Dawn Publications, 2005

A Bank Street College of Education 2006 Best Children's Book

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