School Visits

Boston Globe Book Festival

I enjoy visiting schools, libraries and book stores. I offer a variety of programs for preschool-8th grade classes, based on the content of my books and on the craft of writing. I am happy to tailor a program to your classroom needs or specific curriculum.

Grades Pre-k - 2
Best Pumpkins Ever
I read The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever and do a pumpkin art workshop, or seed science lesson depending on grade level. I include a question period at the end. (45-60 minutes).

Grades K - 1
Thesaurus Rex Has A Way With Words
Thesaurus Rex and some familiar dinosaur friends come to class ready to play a fun word game and then imagine and illustrate what might be Thesaurus Rex’s next adventure. (45 minutes).

Grade 2
Story Builder 
With so many exceptional words in the English language why choose something ‘nice’ for your story. Based on Thesaurus Rex, we’ll tear down a tired old story, dig into the concept of synonyms and rebuild with shiny new words from the thesaurus. Armed with a giant new toolbox of vocabulary words, participants will be delighted, thrilled, excited and eager to construct their own stories with flair. (60 minutes).

Grade 4-8
Cake Writers

How is baking a cake like writing a story? Well, there are ingredients for one (think: characters, plot, and structure). And a recipe (pacing, arc). Don’t forget flavor (genre, theme). How you put those ingredients together, in what amounts and in what order can make a cake (read story) a delicious success. Or a total flop. Get your aprons on and be ready to mess up the kitchen while we learn to become Cake Writers!

Presentation prices vary. I offer a discount for multiple consecutive presentations and limit the number of presentations to four per day. I am happy to offer book sales and signings as part of my visit. Please contact me to discuss the details and fees for author visits.