School Visits

Boston Globe Book Festival

I enjoy visiting schools, libraries and book stores. I offer a variety of programs for preschool-8th grade classes, based on the content of my books and on the craft of writing. I am happy to tailor a program to your classroom needs or specific curriculum.

Grades Pre-k - 2
Best Pumpkins Ever
“I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”  Henry David Thoreau said it best, but Micah in The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever, makes his own discovery about seeds and pumpkins and growing food for others. This workshop is full of fun food facts and seed science. I include a question period at the end. (45-60 minutes).

Grades K - 2
All Around Me I See...
Let's explore the wonderful diversity of Earth's animals and plants in my book All Around Me I See as we join the main character on a hike though varied landscapes and habitats. We'll discuss what is needed in order for creatures to survive and thrive in their habitat, and what might be threatening their homes. I include a question period at the end. (45-60 minutes).

Grades K - 1
Thesaurus Rex Has A Way With Words
Thesaurus Rex and some familiar dinosaur friends come to class ready to play a fun word game and then imagine and illustrate what might be Thesaurus Rex’s next adventure. (45 minutes).

Grade 2
Story Builder 
With so many exceptional words in the English language why choose something ‘nice’ for your story. Based on Thesaurus Rex, we’ll tear down a tired old story, dig into the concept of synonyms and rebuild with shiny new words from the thesaurus. Armed with a giant new toolbox of vocabulary words, participants will be delighted, thrilled, excited and eager to construct their own stories with flair. (45-60 minutes)

Grade 4-8
Cake Writers

How is baking a cake like writing a story? Well, there are ingredients for one (think: characters, plot, and structure). And a recipe (pacing, arc). Don’t forget flavor (genre, theme). How you put those ingredients together, in what amounts and in what order can make a cake (read story) a delicious success. Or a total flop. Get your aprons on and be ready to mess up the kitchen while we learn to become Cake Writers! (60 minutes).

Presentation prices vary. I offer a discount for multiple consecutive presentations and limit the number of presentations to four per day. I am happy to offer book sales and signings as part of my visit. Please contact me to discuss the details and fees for author visits.